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Thai Soup ?

Tom Yam is spicy and sour clear soup. Soup make from chicken bone and can add chines  radish or cabbage.Or doing short cut used Chicken Cube boiled with clean water . Tom Yam cook with every sea food with  tomato.When you seasoning this soup.Please,don’t add much of chilies, fish sour and lime or lemon juice.

Tom Kha is coconut soup. Kha is galangal or Thai Ginger.Young galangal is white and pink color on top of each stem. Test minder than old galangal. When you live it on there plane it turn to yellow and light brown color. Old galangal test stronger and more spicy.Tom Kha cook with chicken or pork meat and no tomato<if you love tomato, add in soup>. Balance test or seasoning more chilies,fish sour and lime or lemon juice .

Tom Sap.” sap” means “delicious”. It’s local soup.Tom Sab in Norther of Thailand cook with toast or dry fry dry-red chilies.Can cook with pork ,beef or chicken. Tom Sap in Northeast cook with both dry  -red chilies or small or tiny fresh chilies. Add Sweet Basil leaf.


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