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Stir Fry Chicken with Cashew Nut. < Kai pad Met -Mamaong >

200 g. Sliced chicken breast in to bite size
3 tbsp. Chicken stock
14 cup Cashew nut
14 cup Spring onion cut 2 inch long
2 tbsp. Fried dry red chilies
1 tbsp. Chopped garlic
1 cup Onion in to bite size

How to cook:
1.Heat 1 tbsp.oil in a wok.Stir fry chilies cooked until evenly brown.Remove and set aside.
2.Stir fry garlic in the remaining vegetable oil,till golden.Add chicken sliced and onion.Season with soy sauce,oyster sauce and sugar.
3.Turn down heat.Add chicken stock and cooked few minute.When chicken thoroughly cooked,add cashew nut,spring onion,water chestnut and fried dry chilies.Stir several times.
4.Remove from heat and serve.


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