Thai Cookery Shcool



Sawasdee Kha.

Sawasdee Kha! (Hello or Hi!) I am "Oay" (อ๋อย) and am happy to teach you to make the best, most authentic Thai dishes at Bhum's Cooking School. I have been teaching Thai cuisine for more than 9 years, and still enjoy working in the kitchen, especially while making new friends and teaching them how to cook. Bhum is my son's name; he is a great helper.

I would like to invite you to visit and join me in my open air kitchen, which is located a short distance outside Chiang Mai city. Cooking Thai food is easy, healthful, and most of all fun! Moreover, I will also teach you to carve vegetables to decorate the dishes that we make, because I consider cooking to be an art form.

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